5 ways a planner can simplify your life

5 ways a planner can simplify your life

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We all have big dreams but only 24 hours a day to achieve them - well 16 hours when you exclude sleep. That can seem like such little time and having various conflicting tasks and priorities can get so overwhelming and stressful to manage. What you need is a place to organise your thoughts and simplify your goals. Here are 5 ways a daily planner can do just that.

1. It Clears Your Mind

It feels good to have an organised room or workspace right? Well it’s even better having an organised mind! Think about how great it would feel to get rid of all that chaos up in your head and with a daily physical planner, you get to pour out your thoughts and goals without the distractions and temptations of social media. Plus if you have that nagging feeling like you forgot something, you can always check your planner! Doesn’t that sound so convenient?

2. It Makes you Less Busy and More Productive

As a student with many extra-curricular commitments, I always felt like I had a million and one things to do but at the end of each day, I would realise that I hadn’t accomplished majority of the tasks set out for that day. I was so busy doing nothing. Have you ever felt that way? With a planner you’re less likely to wander or ‘multi-task’ (there’s a reason why you can’t have two classes at the same time) because you’ll have dedicated a specific time to one task thereby increasing your productivity, making you less overwhelmed.

3. Complete your Tasks Faster

Having a daily planner gives you not only a starting point, but steps to achieve those goals. You’ll realise in no time that by writing down those steps and assigning time slots to them, you have more free time to relax. There is nothing more satisfying than getting things done in record time and with a planner you get to do just that.

4. Evaluate your Priorities

Picture this: You have two job applications due tomorrow evening which requires a lot of preparation. Suddenly a friend calls you to keep her company and suddenly you’ve forgotten all about your application till midnight when you get home. A planner helps you to identify what tasks are more important and should be done first, so you can make intentional choices. Now when those requests come, you can comfortably say no if it’s not in line with your priorities.

5. Overall development

In my experience, writing my thoughts down has always helped me to remember things better. It’s also nice to be able to relax, listen to music and just doodle sometimes. Having a place where I can track my progress has made me become more organized and accountable to myself. It wasn’t easy at first but now I’ve formed a healthy habit which has proved useful in many other areas of life.

Since getting the Tassel planner, I’ve seen a shift in how my day is spent and I get less mental and physical burnouts. Being intentional about my daily tasks has simplified life for me and made every day more meaningful. I’m now more appreciative of my progress and eager to see what tomorrow brings.

Dear student, entrepreneur, professional or creative, ask yourself if what you’re doing is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. What is your answer? Now is the opportunity to start building the future you want and getting a planner is not a bad way to start.

Habbakuk 2:2
“Write your vision and make it plain.”

Let us know your thoughts! Do you already have a journal/planner? Do you plan on getting one? How has your experience been using one?

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