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Few things in this world are better than the feeling that comes from setting a goal and achieving it. Yet this still remains a daunting task for many.
Some with setting goals, others with achieving set goals while some, both.

At the start of every “New” - "year", "month", “week”, “day” etc we are always tempted to launch out with the energy that comes with a new season without taking the time to thoroughly search ourselves for what we really need/want and how to make whatever it is stick and not lose momentum a few months, weeks or days into the “New”
Right now, we are still basking in the newness of the year 2022 and it's a great time to set new goals. Here are some ways to help set goals and how to ensure you achieve them. 

1. Start with God

Did you expect that? I hope so!
Seeking God’s face and Will for you above all else, directly aligns you with ease, peace and fulfilment during the process.
Take time to speak to God- Thank him, praise Him, ask Him what His plan for you is. 
In as much as seeking God's face over yours goals seems like just another classic statement- It's really the answer.
Many take their already set goals to God and then pray to God about their goals.
No, seeking God's face is going to Him in prayer with a blank sheet asking Him to fill it up with His will for you. Be patient -life's not a race and you don't need to have a full page by 1st of January or even 20th of January. You just need to remain in God and He would lead you.
Trust Him.

2. Retrospection

“There are many things we only see clearly in retrospect.”— Haruki Murakami
To be honest, taking stock of the past can be daunting at first because, it's human nature to always look out and anticipate “the what’s next” or avoid this all together especially when we associate the past with unfulfilled goals and expectations. However, taking out time to reflect does a lot of good. First, by highlighting what went well and the unexpected wins puts us in a place of gratitude and optimism and secondly by having insights into what did not go well, the why and the chance to restrategize and launch out better.
Go ahead, reflect on the year 2021. Ask yourself specific questions like - where was I, this time last year? what did I want? Did I achieve my goals last year? If not ,why?
You must try to Identify the major stumbling blocks. Were they within your control or outside your control? If they were within your control, what prevented you from achieving them? And how can you prevent a repeat this year?
Taking stock of the past is a good way to start in setting goals for the new year because it would aid you in coming up with realistic goals and realistic roadmap/timelines

3. Write down your goals

Many fall into the trap of taking only mental notes of what they want to achieve. It doesn't quite work like that, even the Bible in Habakkuk 2:2 says “And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it”
Writing your goals no matter how little, will help in so many ways than you can imagine at the very least it'll serve as a reminder further down the line or when life starts "lifing"😅
Here you want to take the time to ask yourself what you truly desire and most importantly why?
Asking the why behind a desire is more important than the goal itself(if I do say so myself) most times we don't meet a goal because it really is not that important to us or is a result of societal pressure and unconscious patterns cause by whats around us.
If your why is strong enough, you're half way to achieving your goal
The thing I’ve learned is this: Until you identify your Whys, you won’t be able to get clear about your Whats and Hows. Why is finding your Why important?
Go on, write down your goals, it'll help keep your focused, motivated and excited for the possibilities.

4. Break down your goals.

If you've written your goals down, it'll most likely scare you. No? Dream Big!
Okay, now you are probably a bit anxious or afraid of how it could happen, firstly, God. (Pray Bigger!)
but also, try breaking each goal down! Whew.
Here's an example to help explain this better; Say you want to save/invest N3,000,000 at the end of the year, thats a fantastic goal! but come December 2022 you have just N500,000
Did you mysteriously think you would meet this goal without a clear plan to get there? I guess not. 🙂
First, Monthly (250,000), then weekly (62,500) and possibly, daily! (8,900)
Save N9,000 everyday or save 3million by December? which sounds more achievable?
I hope this helps, breaking down your goals not only makes it look more attainable, it helps you mentally and reduces any pressure or anxiety.
It gives a clearer picture on exactly how your goal would be achieved.

5.Set habits and systems

To be honest, this deserves an entire post on its own and we'll make that happen!
You now have a smaller goal of saving N9000 daily or N62,500 monthly and previously never saved anything more than N5000 a day or N20,000 a month. How then do you get to mysteriously double this up?😅
For instance- a direct debit immediately you get your salary or a challenge with a friend or as simple as an alarm/reminder on your phone.
Creating structures and cues around a goal makes it easier to achieve it.
Another example; If you want to start jogging every morning. It could help to put your trainers and jogging outfit by your bed so it’s the first thing you see in the morning. You could even go a step further by sleeping in my jogging outfits if I know I would be super lazy to jog in the morning(LOL, this is a bit deep- but I hope you get my point?)
Like I said, we'll be back with a post on this.

 6. Lean on Yahweh

Jesus really is the only way! Lean on Him through the whole process and He would be sure to lift you to where He wills for you.
It's a no brainer. Zechariah 4:6 says ”Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty”
this may sound cliché but absolutely nothing can be done without help from the Spirit of God. He is the reason why you are still here today, why you breathe, why you have anything really so honestly, why not rely on Him every step of the way? He wants you to. That's His greatest desire - you.
When you are stuck, lean on Him. When its going incredibly well, lean on Him, Let Him help nourish your soul like Elijah' as you feed on His word and receive peace & strength for the journey.
Setting goals and achieving them will be a lot easier if you stick to the steps above. I hope that when you look back at the end of the year, you will boldly be able to say you set and achieve your goals!
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