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Tassel Planner

Affirmation Sticker Pack

Affirmation Sticker Pack

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Beautify Your Planner!

Meet your new Bestie, TAS!
Our new Tas Sticker Pack was created to not just inspire you but motivate you. It contains 9 fun and uplifting stickers which would serve as a fun addition to your planner, laptop, water bottle, phone and so much more.

Each sticker is printed on premium luxurious glossy paper.

What's Inside
  • Working on my dreams 
  • Boss babe
  • God is within her she will not fail 
  • Hold the vision, trust the process 
  • I am worthy of good things 
  • Faith > Fear 
  • Pray about it 
  • Read your Bible
  • You got this!
  • Vinyl Individual Stickers (9)
  • Gloss Laminated
  • Scratch Proof
  • Reusable Stickers
  • Different Sizes and Shapes
  • Fits Different Parts of the Planner
  • Can be used outside of the Planner
  • Can be stored at the back pocket of Planner for easy access

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